I consider myself a pretty smart person, but I’ve come to the painful conclusion that I’m either too trusting, too forgiving, or put myself in situations where common sense takes a back seat to desperation/ high hopes. While I’ve had my share of success, I’ve also fallen victim to some fraudsters, liars, crooks, and all-around bad people along the way. By nature I believe that I operate at a very level of integrity, thoughtfulness and professionalism – - I have scars that will confirm that not everyone else out there does. My tendency is to believe that people are good, honest and trustworthy; this attitude has cost me dearly. I don’t want to sound jaded and bitter, but I also want to emphasize how difficult it is to act against one’s nature to be kind and trusting. As I stated in my last blog posting, my partner says “treat everyone like a liar until they prove you wrong!” That’s hard to do…at least for me. That said, I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.

The solution is to rely on solid due diligence and reference checks…and do reference checks on the references. Quick and dirty review: Google the person and the organization. Check out the social media profile. If someone has no digital presence/ footprint there is a reason! Second level of review: Bank records, credit checks, separation agreements, civil and criminal records, and proof-of-funds for any potential investor.

Protect yourself. Share your dreams with with people who are like minded and willing to put skin in the game. Work hard, it takes time. If it seems too good to be true, it NOT!


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