BS Freeman Capital, LLC (“BSF”) is a uniquely flexible New York based private equity/ advisory firm focused on building sustainable, long-term equity value in consumer and marketing-driven growth companies.

BS Freeman differentiates itself from traditional private equity groups with its unique flexibility. As BSF, by design, typically partners with other leading private equity firms, the investor group can be tailored to a given situation to maximize the benefit for shareholders.  Rather than trying to be all things to all companies, BS Freeman can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most experienced sector-specific investors in a given industry.

Unlike other investor groups who simply pay lip service to the notion of adding value beyond their check book, BS Freeman will often work with companies on an advisory basis prior to making an equity investment.  This protracted “courtship” will typically create the basis for a successful long term partnership as compared to the crushing pressure of the typical buyer/ seller due diligence process.

Most important, BS Freeman is not an institutional money manager.  We are not overly concerned with the pressures of fundraising, high water marks, clawbacks or redemption cycles.  The capital being deployed is personal capital of BSF management, friends, family and closely held relationships.  We are extremely careful, diligent and respectful regarding the preservation and growth of this capital pool.